Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our first snow

To some of you that may not seem all that odd, but for those of us who live in the South – it was a huge shock to wake up yesterday morning and find a dusting of snow! It was a wonderful surprise as we never get snow here before Thanksgiving and usually not even until January! So it was reason to celebrate for sure! Luke was very excited about it and anxious to go outside and shovel it! Unfortunately for him there wasn’t enough to shovel, but we did get some pretty pictures of it!

We did call Nanny at Luke’s request to tell her about the snow! Now he keeps asking when it will be Christmas!? Sure put me in the Holiday mood too!!

Also, in true southern style (which you would think I would be used to by now!) all the schools in the area were on a one or two hour delay! And lots of places were closed! It’s so silly, but that’s how it is here, and sometimes that makes for nice family mornings of lazy breakfasts, hot chocolate and just hanging out!

We did go out about 10AM and everything was dry, the snow didn’t last much past noon, but it was fun to wake up to it all the same!

Out our back door

Out front, to the the right

Out the front door to the left

The front yard

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