Tuesday, November 11, 2008

God is so cool!

Today I woke up feeling totally yucky! You know that all over achy feeling, sore throat, headache and yucky in general?!? Well that’s how I felt. I guessed I managed to get the same cold that Luke had – lucky me.

I was disappointed to be feeling bad as it was my plan to take the kids to the dollar store and get the contents for some shoe boxes for our churches part in Operation Christmas Child. I totally did NOT feel up to it, and I was pretty bummed about it! But luckily for me I have until Sunday to get them ready!

After much debate (I really don’t like going to the doc.) I decided to go to the Minute Clinic at CVS – it was the first time I’ve been there and it was a WONDERFUL thing! I loved it – fast, the girl was really nice and the kids did great! Anyway, the nurse practitioner agreed that it looked like just a cold.

In the course of our conversation we found that she has 2 children very close to the same ages and genders as mine. I also came to find out that her and her husband started on the “Dave Ramsey Plan” back in April. For those of you who know us you know that we found Dave Ramsey several years ago and have since completed and or lead Financial Peace University 3 or 4 times. You can click here to find out more about Dave Ramsey. It was really neat to talk to her about it. She shared that it’s taken a good bit of time to get used to using the cash system and sticking to a written cash budget! This is what we found ourselves and have heard from most everyone who has gone thru the class. I agreed and told her to hang in there, it gets better! I also shared with her that for us it has made a huge difference in how we deal with and handle our money and our finical decisions!

She was super nice and I cannot help but wonder if I felt crappy today just so she and I could meet. Maybe not, but either way we did, and I’ll be praying for her and her family! I think it’s neat how the Lord gives us opportunities to show Him thru us! I hope I did just that today!

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