Friday, November 14, 2008

Avery's Birthday

Hard to believe that today is my baby's first birthday! For some reason I've been a bit emotional about the whole thing! David said maybe it's because she’s are last – I don’t know why, he may be right!

It seems hard to believe that at this exact time last year, I was in the hospital all hooked up to my pre-op IV’s and waiting for our baby! My mom drove to the hospital with us, Luke stayed over night with Mimi and Papa, and then Mimi met us at the hospital the next morning! Along with Robert and Amy, and 2 of my wonderful friends – Leslie and Crystal came before I went back as well. Crystal came BEFORE she went to work (that meant a whole lot to me) and she lead us in prayer before they took me back! It was really a wonderful morning of anticipation and love for the second Winslow baby!

Little did we know we were gonna have a girl! That was a wonderful and exciting surprise for sure!

And today we celebrate her first year! I had no idea the difference a second baby would make in our house! The first baby is a HUGE lifestyle change – a difference in the dynamic of a marriage, the fact that I quite work and was a full time stay at home mom who knew NOTHING, and here was this little person I knew nothing about (and to think they sent Luke home with us anyway?!?!)! But with Avery I knew somewhat what to expect – sleepless nights, crying for no apparent reason, bottles every 3 hours 24 hours a day, dirty diapers, unexplained changes in sleep habits, all of those things I knew were coming! What I didn’t know what to expect was the actual addition of another person in the house! Avery’s presence in this house has been just as wonderful a blessing as Luke’s was!

It’s been so fun to see her grow and develop and chance and learn! She’s so smart and anything Luke can do, she thinks she can do too – or she gets hurt trying! You show her how to do something one time, and she does it. She can blow a whistle – just from watching Luke do it! She blows on her food (even if it’s not hot!), she can climb up in the kiddie chair we have, she winks, and she’s started blowing kisses. She’s also started talking some more. This week she’s started to tell Jane to sit – now mind you she’s not saying Jane – she’s saying sit (which sounds more like bi).

I’m so blessed to have 2 wonderful children, even if they do totally wear me out each and every day! And I’m so thankful to be celebrating my baby girls first birthday!


Bets said...

Aww - Happy Birthday to Avery!

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

Wow...the memories from a year ago today!!! I'm betting that some of your emotional issues are connected to the fact that you're not feeling well. Of course, once you're a mother, it takes almost nothing to trigger emotions!! And you go through each day with their ups & downs & think to yourself that you'll never forget this, that, or the other...but somehow, unless those memories are recorded somewhere, they do get lost. I think blogging & scrapbooking are wonderful tools for your life journey.

I hate that we can't be there for Av's first party. I know that she won't know the difference, but I know! I'm just so thankful that y'all are coming here for Thanksgiving--that will give us an opportunity to have another party for her, and heaven knows, we're always up for a party, right? LOL

Please give her big hugs & kisses from Nanny & Grandpoppy!

Love you all!

Dawn Riffell said...

I am not sure why Holly, but this post made me cry. Seeing them grow up is so bitter sweet. Enjoy every minute being with them. (I know you already do!) One day you will look back and cherish these days. Happy birthday to Avery! Give her an extra kiss tonight for me. Give Luke one too!

Holly said...

Thank you all! I think she had a wonderful birthday!! We sure had a good time!She loved all the extra hugs and kisses and I was happy to give them to her. Dawn, I can tell you also enjoyed your time with Brent, he's such a nice young man - smart too!