Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Deep Thoughts

I’ve been thinking a lot the last week or so about the seasons of life. This is a pretty deep subject for someone like me to think about. I’m not a deep thinker usually, and honestly I’ve always approached most (OK, everything!) things in life with a “let’s just do it” attitude and very rarely thought things through. That’s caused a great many problems for me in my life. My parents tried to tell me time and time again that if I thought about things first, there might be less hurt in the end. Who knew – they were right!?!? I’m almost 34 and I think I’m finally learning that lesson!

What I’m really learning is that life changes – seasons of life change – so that means my surroundings – so to speak – change too. What I mean by that is – back in 1991 we moved to NC from PA, that was a huge deal because I was 15 years old and had never lived anywhere but in Boyertown, PA with my friends and many, many family members. It was a big change, but I adapted and made new friends in a new school and at a new church. I sure missed the friends and family I had, but God was there for me.

Thankfully that move ended up bringing me my wonderful husband – but that wasn’t until later!

Then after high school and then college (where I made new friends again!), I went from teaching full time and being around people all the time to being a stay at home mom – and being all alone. I had no idea what I was doing and I didn’t know who this little baby was or what he needed from me! All my friends were still working and didn’t have time to come hang out with me during the day so I made new friends. At one point we changed churches – made new friends. We moved to a new house – made new friends. And so on…

And now here I am at what I feel like is another change in life. I am done having babies (thankfully!) and same as some of my friends now – we’re looking into schools for the start of kindergarten (Luke won’t start until 2010, but you gotta look early!) and making those types of decisions for my kids. It’s a huge responsibility – but that’s another blog post! Some of my friends are also looking at schools for their kids… and as I look at the future I think things might change again. I really do hate change! Likely our kids will end up at different schools, making new friends and we won’t see each other as often as we have in the past, and that makes me sad, BUT since I’m thinking about it ahead of time (for once) I can make a plan and know that I will have to work extra hard to keep those friendships in tact. And I also believe that there will be other friendships formed.

I guess to try and sum this up – I’m thinking that God knows just who and what we need when we need them! He brings people into my life for me, but I think sometimes also for the other persons benefit too. On this Thanksgiving Eve Day – I’m so thankful for my Lord and Savior and that He loves me enough to send me the just the right wonderful, loving, loyal friends and family I need at the times when I need them most! I’m very blessed!

And thanks to David for helping me think through all this! He’s defiantly the thinker in the family!

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Amy said...

Wow those are deep thoughts! While I haven't had as many changes as you I have been thinking back on High School and college years and have had fun the last couple of weeks reconnecting with some of my old friends. It is true how life changes and we meet new people and new family enters our life. I am just thankful family is always around and available and goes with the changes. I am also thankful that that family is now you too!