Monday, November 24, 2008

Benefit Concert

We don’t usually have church on a Sunday night. Our church meets on Sunday mornings and then we meet with our home group on Sunday nights, but last night was special!

One of the guys from our church organized a benefit concert in conjunction with and organization in Greensboro called Street Watch. Basically the concert was for us to bring items for the homeless folks in Greensboro. Our tickets for the show were items to be donated!

I was pretty excited for the concert because my mother in law was coming to keep the kids, so I could go and enjoy the show and not worry about them. David ran sound for the shows so he left about 3PM and I left about 6:15 to head to church. Well, when I got there, I knew I was in for a “treat” because I could hear the band playing OUTSIDE while I parked my car!

From here it gets kinda funny, cause I’m obviously getting old! The first band that played is a local band called Layden. They were pretty good, except I couldn’t understand anything they said … and it was so loud I thought my ears might bleed! They were jammin’ to say the least! Then the funniest thing happened… after I think 3 songs, the lead singer say “Now, this next song really rocks…” I looked at David and said “If the next song rocks, what were the first 3?” I’m so old!!! They were really good, and it was fun, but I did feel old! You can click on their name above to check out the MySpace page.

Then we heard from the ladies that were heading up Street Watch about the realities of homelessness and how sad it is and dangerous this time of year. They were very touching and obviously they love the Lord and He is using them to help those who are out on the street!

The second band that played was a bit more my speed! The Luminous Sky – check them out by clicking on their name! They were totally awesome and I could tell they really love the Lord. Their ministry is really cool! I had a great time listening to them!

It was a neat and different experience for me and our church and I was so glad to be a part of something that can help others! If you’re in this area and would like more information on how to be involved with Street Watch, let me know and I’ll make sure you get hooked up!


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

Having an "in your face" confrontation with the reality that we brush by certainly does make one feel nothing but thanks and gratitude for what God has supplied!!!

Holly said...

Your right about that! I sure was touched and very thankful! Also moved to give and do more!