Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lists, Lists, Lists

Make the list, follow the list, add to the list, but don’t ever pack without one! That’s my motto! Well, actually it’s my mom’s motto, but I was raised that way, and the few times I’ve tried to pack to go somewhere without a list – FORGOT something!

So I’ve been working the list, and letting the lists work me. Right now I’ve got about 3 different lists going in order to get us to the beach with everything we need. The kids and I leave tomorrow morning so I’m almost done packing (frankly I’m really sick of packing and all the boxes sitting around in my dinning room) and today or tomorrow morning I’ll be crossing off the last few things on those lists, putting the little ones in the car (praying for lots of long naps on the trip!) and turning my big PACKED Suburban toward the sunny coast!

I feel confidant that I’ll have everything we need, but honestly if we don’t, we’ll only be about 3 blocks from a Wal-Mart and if you need something and cannot get it at Wal-Mart, you really don’t need it that badly now do you??

I’m totally excited about the next 2 weeks – I of course am a bit worried (I’m a worrier at heart – it’s something I am constantly talking to the Lord about!) that my kiddos won’t sleep – or that one or both will get sick (Luke was sick like 2 years in a row while we were there!) and that it won’t be any fun! But then I remember that my parents, cousins, sister and her boyfriend and my wonderful hubby (on Wednesday night) will all be there and how can that not be fun?!?!? It’ll be a great time! I’m so looking forward to some time with my family since we don’t see them as much as I’d like, and especially with Wendy and her family as they live SO far away and I only see them (and I know this is totally pathetic) when there’s a funeral. This will be a much happier occasion.

I do want to say to Bets, Aunt Carol, Aunt Kay and Uncle David – I will miss you all there this year and be remembering the fun and WONDERFUL time we had with you all over the last couple of years! Eating Japanese food will never be the same for me and since our trip there with Bets and Aunt Carol I’ve never once eaten sushi without thinking of you guys! Love you all so much!

Then the following week it’ll be my in-laws along with a whole week with my miracle baby niece Reagan – and that right there is such a blessing I cannot even express how thankful I am to the Lord for this time with her! It was just last year while we were at the beach in October that Robert called to tell us the wonderful news that they were expecting a baby! After the hard months they went thru at the beginning of the year – I’m feeling mightily blessed to be looking at spending a whole week with her! What an awesome privilege! I’m excited guys!

OK, I’m getting a bit emotional and mushy, so I’m gonna go!

Watch out Cherry Grove Beach – here come the Miller/Winslows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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