Thursday, October 2, 2008

Aromatherapy Stuff

This post is in response to Jess’s request! I am sorry – that site is a bit overwhelming! I’ll see what I can do here to help ya’ll along! I do need to thank my friend Deb Raner from church; she’s the one who turned me onto this stuff and the Birch Hill Happenings site, so thanks Deb!

OK, I ordered what they call Mio Personal Fan Diffuser – one for each of my kids! They have several different types of fans, and other diffuser things for different size rooms and such.

Then on the advice of Deb, I ordered a couple essential oil blends (on their web site these can be found under the synergistic blends section) the first one is called Four Robbers – this is their explanation of what it does:
Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary. This special blend will help protect you. Our blend, as legend tells, was said to be used by robbers and thieves during medieval times to protect them from the plague and other diseases.
This is a wonderful smelling blend! Reminds me of the smell of Dentyne's ® original gum flavor. The formulation is based on the original oils/smells/scents as was used back during the plague years.

I also ordered a blend called Easy Breathe, one called Calming, and one called Pure Cleansing. That one is supposed to purify and clean the air around you! I don’t know if it works or not, but I have been using that one in the kids rooms since I ordered them. I did start using the Four Robbers blend the other night when I noticed Luke had a bit of a stuffy nose. They have many different blends, for many different things and they are priced at lots of different prices. You can also order say just peppermint and a carrier oil and use them as massage oils or whatever. I love the peppermint and sometimes I just rub some on my hands so I can smell it! I also love the eucalyptus – I’ll put a couple of drops of that in a bath – just love it! I’ve also put eucalyptus in the bath tub last winter when Luke had a bad cold it helps to open the stuffy nose. You need to be careful, cause sometimes the oils themselves can irritate the skin. That hasn’t been the case with me or Luke, but Avery has more sensitive skin so I wouldn’t put too many drops in the tub with her.

That’s what I’m using now or have used in the past. After you spend some time on the web site, and know what you’re looking at it does get a bit easier! I’ve also found that these folks are great to order online from, they are fast and I’ve never had any trouble with payment or receiving my stuff!

Again, I’m still learning too, so if there is any more helpful advice out there – please share!

Good Smelling!

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