Thursday, August 14, 2008

Where is all my time going?

It seems that the more time I spend on the computer - the more there is to do on the internet! Thanks to the prodding of my cousins & friends I too joined the "Facebook Movement" and it’s a pretty interesting thing! It's been kinda neat to see some folks I went to high school with. The really funny thing is that other than some friends of ours who are in the Navy down in LA (miss you guys!) - I talk to the same people I talk to on a daily basis – my closest friends (sometimes their husbands!) and my cousins! It's kinda funny! It’s still a neat thing to be connected to people who I don’t get to see or talk to all that often!

So these days I get on the computer to post on my blog, check my other favorite blogs and then end up on Facebook! Holy Cow, before I know it I've been on line for way too long and my laundry and dishes aren't done! My kids are content to play on the floor in the office while I do all this, but for some reason the other stuff doesn't get done!

I think I must be addicted to the internet! I’m finding that the biggest problem is - sharing my computer with Luke! He totally loves the Thomas the Train web site as well as Bob the Builder! He can turn on the computer himself and David put a link on my desktop to those sites and he can get there by himself. So there are times when we would both like to be online at the same time! I'm seeing a Christmas gift idea for Mommy -a nice, new, thin, laptop with remote wireless access anywhere in our house?!?!


Jessi said...

I hear ya, cuz!! Same w/me! Though, since the boys get free computers for their school this year, we will actually have enough computers in our house during the day for everyone to have one of their own! (How sick is that?!?!) I'd love a new laptop...ours is having MAJOR problems right now that have been a real pain in the butt; I've noticed that Dell has some really pretty COLORED laptops (I want green!!)!

Holly said...

I saw that commercial about those colored Dells! Cool! I too would choose green - if I was getting one!