Friday, August 1, 2008

New Trains

Luke has been saving his quarters - which he earns by feeding Jane 2 times a day - for sometime now. The other day while we were at Wal-Mart he found a Thomas the Train thing he wanted so he was on a mission to get enough money to buy that thing! Well thanks to a good friend who sent Luke some money while he was in the hospital he discovered yesterday that he had enough money to go buy it! So off we went to purchase that this morning! Upon arriving at Wal Mart we discovered that this particular thing he wanted was totally different from ALL the other types of tracks he already has (he has 3 different types - come on now why can they not all be the same?!?!) and he would also have to buy some new tracks to go with it! Needless to say he didn't have enough money for both! We spent some time looking at the other Thomas things and he finally decided on some additional cars to go with his "Take Along" set. He was so pleased with himself and is now downstairs happily playing with the new trains!

It was pretty funny paying for his trains with one ten dollar bill and then the other $14 in quarters! The check out lady was very understanding with us!

I had to con him into letting me take some pictures before we opened the new trains! He is just too cute! I was proud of him for saving his money and getting the things he wanted! He does a lot better saving his money than his Mommy does!!

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