Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More teeth and stuff updates

Avery is getting teeth in like it's going out of style! She's cut 2 new teeth this past weekend! Since then she is much happier! Poor little thing, that's a lot of teeth in a short amount of time! But I'm happy to get them in and be done with it! I’m sure she is too!

I also wanted to give you an update on some previous matters of prayer.

First, Aunt Kay is home and doing very well! Thank you Lord!

Second, Nona has been moved to a nursing home. This was a hard decision for my in laws, but they felt it was best, since she can get the care she needs there. We're still praying for Nona, but for now she's doing OK.

There have also been many praises in the last week or so - some friends of ours has some weird stuff going on with their 2 year old son – after several tests, they aren’t sure what it was, but he seems fine. They will go back for some follow up blood work next week. We're claiming and praising the Lord for His healing hand on Coen!

I've had the privilege of working as "leader" of our churches yearly Ladies Retreat this year. In the past couple of weeks I've seen different people give from their hearts so some ladies who cannot afford to go, but really need to go, can be part of the weekend! I've been blessed by the loving, giving hearts of the wonderful people I go to church with!

On Friday there will be a new baby in my “world”! (Thankfully NOT mine!) Dana - a good friend - is scheduled for a c-section Friday at noon! I'm so excited, I cannot see straight! I just love the coming of a new baby! Plus, David and I get to turn going to see the baby into a date night!! YIPPEE! I love those too!

One last praise, which is also a request – another good friend - Shannon - found out yesterday that she has to have her appendix out. Now this is good, because she had to have a CATT scan done, and we're glad it's just her appendix and nothing more serious. She'll be seeing the surgeon on Friday morning, and will then set a time to have it removed! So keep her and her family in your prayers please!

I guess that’s it as far as updates go! Thank you all for your prayers!


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

So glad the teeth are coming through so quickly, although I"m sure it's doubly painful for poor lil Avery! I took the photos to work & my grandchildren have been declared the cutest grandchildren in all of Georia!!! LOL I knew that!

God has been faithful in all, and we will be praying for Shannon & family.

Can't wait for beach week!!! I got your lists...just haven't had time to integrate/incorporate, but I will!

Love you all!

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

I wish I could get my identity to return to the original "Luke & Avery's Nanny". I have no idea how all the other mess got in there!!! I can't seem to undo it, but I am, indeed, Luke & Avery's Nanny!!! Make no mistake about that!!! LOL

Holly said...

Well, I too think your grandchildren are the cutest in all of GA as well as all of NC! I love you! I'll wait to hear back about the beach list stuff - no hurry!

Love you!