Saturday, August 23, 2008

Funny Converstation

The other night before bed, Luke and I were looking at some pictures on the computer. It's something he likes to do every now and then! We came across the pictures from the hospital when Avery was born and his first visit. He said the funniest thing; it was too funny just to put on the "one liner" side.

L: "Is that you and Avery, Mommy?"
M: "Yes, it is! Do you remember coming to see us at the hospital?"
L: "Yeah, I came to see you when Avery bounced out of your tummy!"

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Mike and Dawn Riffell said...

They are sooo cute at this age. I remember almost everyday having something cute to write in the baby book. Cherish these times, you will turn around one day and they will be grown and you will glad you did. BTW you have the two most beautiful little ones I have ever seen! (except mine of course!)