Monday, August 18, 2008


Yesterday we had the awesome privilege of going to church with my bother-in-law and sister-in-law. It was nice of them to have us, but the reason we went was even cooler! During service – they had their beautiful baby Reagan dedicated to the Lord. It was such an exciting morning!

This was the second time they tried Reagan’s dedication– last time she had an episode and ended up spending some time in the hospital (scary for sure, but she’s doing great now!). It was a real blessing to be there for such a special occasion! It’s amazing how much she’s grown – she’s doing so very well these days!

During the dedication and sermon I was reminded all over again of God’s unfailing love and care for Robert, Amy and Reagan – well for all of us actually! The pastor pointed out several times just what a wonderful gift our children are – and how faithful He was during Reagan’s premature birth and the long months of hospital stays that followed. I was reminded that our children do in fact belong to Him, and it’s an honor to be able to raise them in hopes that they too will grow to love the Lord with all their hearts and long to serve Him with their whole lives.

Following the dedication - the sermon was the last sermon in a series on fathers and their roll in the home and how important they are in their children’s lives. I had 2 wonderful thoughts during that sermon that reminded me how blessed I truly am! Here they are, First - I had a wonderful, loving Dad. He was there for me – emotionally, spiritually and he did (along with my wonderful Mom) a great job of giving my sister and I all the things we needed and many, many things we wanted! He spent countless hours at gymnastics meets and ballet recitals doing the Dad thing. He also took us to church and he himself went weekly (although I do remember some times in my younger years when he would fall asleep during the sermon part of the service – with his eyes OPEN! How can you do that?!?!?!). I was blessed to have a Dad who loved the Lord and raise his children that way too!

My second reminder - is that my husband is a wonderful father! I’m very blessed to have a husband who loves the Lord and his family (I’m sure there are times we get on his last nerve – it can be hard to work from home while you’re children are home too). He’s very good with the kids, very involved, loves them very much and he is a wonderful representation to them of their heavenly fathers love. I want nothing more than for my kids to grow up loving Christ – and I’m blessed to have a husband who wants the same thing too, and he has already started molding their tender young hearts and showing them the love of Christ.

I’m thankful to pastor Downing for the beautiful baby dedication, and for helping me to remember just how blessed I am with my own Dad and how thankful I am for my wonderful husband! I’m blessed for sure!


Luke & Avery's Nanny said...

How wonderful!

Your words give me goose bumps!

Love you all!

Meme said...

That is beautiful, Holly, and SO true. Love, Carolyn

Amy said...

Thanks for comming to Reagan's baby dedication. We sure enjoyed seeing the family. I was planning on taking family photos but with my scattered mind I forgot until later (oops). We will just all have to get dressed up again!! I hope you don't mind I gave my Pastor your blog address so he could read what you wrote. I thought your wonderful words would be a great encouragement to him.
Much Love,

Holly said...

Thank you all! I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

Bummer Amy about forgetting the pictures! We would have loved to do that! I didn't even think about it! I know our husbands just LOVE to dress up! It's perfectly fine to have passed on the blog address to Pastor Downing! He did a beautiful job!