Monday, July 28, 2008

Girls Beach Weekend

I’m home today from my last planned vacation this summer! This past weekend was our annual “Girls Beach Weekend!” For the last 3 years I’ve had the privilege of going to N. Myrtle Beach with Shannon (who’s condo we get to stay in – THANK YOU!), her sister Robyn, and Dana! This year was no different – except that it might have been too soon to leave Luke after all that he had been through earlier in the week, and the fact that David had strep throat, and Nona ended up needing to be taken to the hospital, (yeah, I think that was all that happened!) but thankfully Meme and Papa did a great job caring for everyone while I was gone! Thank you so much to them for caring for my babies and checking up on David! It took more than a day for me to finally relax and have a good time, but I did relax and the rest of the weekend was a real blast!

We spent the weekend shopping at the outlets, hanging out, eating out, playing games and NOT changing diapers or cleaning up after anyone else! Actually on Saturday we didn’t get out of our PJ’s until almost 4:30 in the afternoon! It was really nice and a ton of fun to sit around most of the day laughing and talking!

After much discussion about where to go for dinner – we finally decided on The Melting Pot! So we got dressed and off we went! The food was GREAT, the atmosphere was fun and the company was even better! We had a blast and a TON to eat!
Dana and Robyn

Shannon and Holly

Us Girls

As if we didn’t laugh enough at dinner, we came back to the condo and spent a couple hours playing games! I know for sure that there was enough laughter to make us cry! It was a good time for sure!

I was ready to be home with my family on Sunday morning! We had a good breakfast (at David’s FAVORITE breakfast place – sorry Honey!) and then headed home! It was a good trip home, and I was SO VERY happy to see my babies and my Hubby! It was nice to be gone, but so wonderful to come home!

We’re already talking about next year’s trip! Cannot wait girls!!


Shannon and the kids said...

We had a great time!!! I have never laughed as hard as I did this weekend. I cant wait for next years trip.

Meme said...

We are so glad that you all had a wonderful time! Ed and I know how much all of you deserved the R & R. We appreciate what you are doing to love, nurture, train, instruct and assist the next "greatest generation"!!!