Sunday, June 15, 2008

Home Again, Home Again

Luke enjoying the boat ride
Are we gonna go for a ride?

Now, those are some cute kids, aren't they?!?!
Enjoying our time in the water!

The end of vacation is always a bummer! I hate coming home – I hope getting back to the “normal every day routine” – I hate going from having David around all day to him being gone back to work every day. It’s always a bit depressing the first day or two home.

But I love the memories you make on vacation, I love the relaxing feeling of wearing your pj’s until well after noon – or putting on a bathing suit first thing in the morning and playing in the lake or going for a Jet Ski ride! I love spending the afternoon watching a movie or laying out in the sun while the kids nap. I love getting everyone their bath and then putting Avery down for bed and cooking a late dinner. What a fun time we had this past week at the lake. It was a wonderful time – really relaxing for sure! I have to say that even though Luke got up very early (like 6:00 or 6:15) every day – he slept all night every night (which is somewhat unusual for him) and so did Avery! That makes a world of difference in how relaxing and enjoyable a vacation can be for mommy!

On the other hand it is nice to be home (after the first couple of readjustment days) again… back in my own bed, using my own stuff in the kitchen and in general getting settled back into my house. I’m looking forward to the coming summer days as we will be going to the pool and having play dates with our friends! I really love summer. The sun, the water – of course the 100 degree heat in early June is a bit much, even for me, but I am looking forward to a really fun summer!

Having something to look forward to is always nice as well, and luckily for me, I have something to look forward to coming up the end of June, beginning of July. My parents – mostly my mom (since Dad works every day) will have the kids for a week the beginning of July. David and I are going to Pigeon Forge TN for a week. We’ll bring the kids with us on Sunday (which I realized just now is only 2 weeks from today!), my parents will get them on Monday, and then David and I will drive the rest of the way to my parents house on Friday July 4th. I’m really looking forward to some time alone with David – that’s somewhat unusual for parents with small children. Taking on 2 little kids is a BIG deal! I’m so excited about it and I’m so thankful to my folks for offering to do this for us! I know my kids will have a blast and Nanny and Grandpoppy’s house! I’m saying lots of extra prayers for good rest for Luke, Avery and mostly Nanny!

I love summer time!

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