Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Beach

Sun, sand, seashells sleep – these are what I woke up wishing for this morning! I truly love the beach! I love anywhere where it’s sunny, warm and there’s water, so waking up thinking about and wishing to be at the beach aren’t all that unusual for me, but this morning it would have been particularly nice.

You see, poor Avery had a really bad night last night. She seems to have gotten a cold or is getting more teeth or a combination of both, I don’t know, but she’s very stuffy and didn’t sleep much at all last night. So when I feel particularly stressed or tired I ALWAYS wish I was at the beach! There is something about being at the beach that just says relax, enjoy and don’t worry if you didn’t get any sleep last night. Thoughts of the fun and sun at the beach make every day life seem so - every day! I want to go there more after a long night of little or no sleep with one of the kids!

The up side is, well 2 up sides really – one: Luke is not sick (not this week anyway – he was sick last week!) and two: we leave to go to Badin Lake for a whole week this coming Saturday!! Thank you so much Willard and Renee for letting us use your place! I’m so excited about some time away! I know that Av will be feeling much better by then so we’ll all really be able to enjoy ourselves!

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Luke & Avery's Nanny said...

Hi Cutie,

Thanks for starting your blog!

I'm sorry that Avery (and you) had such a bad night. Maybe you can catch a nap today? Don't know about your weather, but the conditions here today are very conducive to napping...gray & rainy.

Love you!