Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Changing times

Yesterday we had a kindergarten meet and greet. Yes, that's right... a kindergarten function. The first of many, I know, but it was the first and it was fun/weird/familiar and unfamiliar all at the same time.

Since Luke got in at Greensboro Academy I have LOTS of good feelings and memories of that lovely school! So seeing the teachers - many of whom I'm good friends with - and the principal - who I worked for for several years - was like being at home. It felt somehow right. It also felt strange, because as one teacher (the one who took my place when I stopped teaching) pointed out - "Just yesterday you were out to here pregnant with him. And here he is today, ready to start kindergarten!"

Luke when he was just a few days old


That hit me like a ton of bricks! Time flies. It does. And as a mother - especially when my babies were little babies - time moved slower than molasses. It seemed like FOREVER before Luke started sleeping through the night (OK, that's a bad example cause he was like 4 before he started sleeping all night every night!) and doing things for himself. Then along came Avery and we stared all over with night feedings and no sleep and teething and all the stuff that goes with having a new baby!

And now we're starting big kid school!

And we need uniforms

And pencils

And glue sticks

And fat crayons

And kid scissors

And markers

And he's gonna learn all the new and important things about going to school!

And he's gonna be away from me for like 6 hours EACH and EVERY day!

I'm not ready for that!!

But I'm excited for him too. And I couldn't be happier that he's going to Greensboro Academy and that he's gonna have Mrs. Shaw for his teacher!

I am praying now - each time I think about it (which is pretty often!) - for Luke, his teacher, the other teachers at the school, and the other kids in his class. I'm praying that Luke would find a good, solid (well behaved) friend and that he would develop a love for learning and that each day of kindergarten would be on more stone in his solid foundation of learning.

He's my little man, and I'm gonna miss him, but I also know I'm gonna be SO PROUD of him as he starts this new journey in his life.

My big guy just the other day!

I'd appreciate you joining me in praying for him! Thanks!


Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

It just doesn't seem possible, does it! Now the time will begin to move at speeds you couldn't imagine!

I pray for him and Avery every day (pray for y'all too), asking the Lord to have those children grow in His grace to become shining examples of what it is to be a Christian, living daily for the Lord. They have been given some pretty awesome earthly parents as role models...David's integrity in his business, your soft heart in caring and sharing with those in need.

I'm proud of the parents that you and David are, and am so thankful to have such a wonderful son-in-law and grandbabies! We are blessed beyond measure!

I will pray that things go well for Luke and for you! It's hard sending your 1st born off to school, even though he's been in preschool for a few years. This will be a totally different experience for all of you!

Love you all so much!

Holly said...

Thanks Mom! We appreciate all your prayers!! And are thankful for the Godly heritage we can pass onto our kids!