Friday, April 9, 2010

What are you saying?

Don’t you just love social networking sites, like Facebook? Isn’t it wonderful to be able to be in touch with people you haven’t seen since high school, or college, or who you grew up with and haven’t seen or talked to in more than 19 years? Oh yes, it’s wonderful!!

Seriously, sometimes it is fun. Keeping up with friends and family who are far away is so much easier… but really, ALL those people on your friend list – really? How many of them do you talk to? How many of them do you really care what they are doing? Some of them never, ever even use FB, so what was the point? Others on that list you just wish would take a minute away from their computer and use the bathroom without telling us they are going to do it! You know what I mean, right? There’s someone on your friend list that just gets on your nerves, right?

I have a “friend” like that. Now, I have like several hundred friends on my friend list, so if you’re reading this and worrying that I’m talking about you – you can rest assured I’m not!! I wouldn’t even say this person is a friend but more of an aquantance really.

Every time this person updates their status I cringe… and it’s not that it’s bad or anything – actually lots of times its uplifting – it’s just that it seems to rub me the wrong way from this particular person.

That has set me to thinkin’ (boy that’s kinda red-neck isn’t it?!) How do my status updates affect others?

Really, do you ever think about that? I don’t. I just open up FB and type whatever is on my mind. In thinking about that – maybe that’s not such a great idea. Maybe I should filter it through “someone else’s” eyes. I think I need to think about it as if someone else were reading it.

Now, I’m not foolish enough to think that everyone who reads it will just love what I have to say (or even care for that matter!), but seriously – from now on, I’ll be thinking about what I am sharing with cyber world, before I post it.

Don’t you just love that we can share every single thought with the whole world? Why is it we feel the need to do that anyway?


Dawn Riffell said...

I hope it's not me! I have several "friends" like that as well Holly. One is very political and posts up to 30 articles per day to enlighten the rest of us. I suppose they think none of us has the brains to find out things by ourselves. Another is very negative and tries to be funny with it. She is often condescending to her family and berates her husband constantly under the guise of humor. Most of her posts are downright emasculating to him and it makes me wonder how long he is going to take it. Yet another “friend” is always trying to get everyone’s attention by making outrageous statements. One week she is a member of the Wicca church, one week she is a Satan worshiper and she is constantly on the verge of killing herself. All of her friends have grown weary of it so when no one responds she leaves Facebook altogether only to return a week later with posts of nobody cares. So why do I hang on to these characters? I think it is like a train wreck. I really can’t look away! Part of it is that at one time or another I have had some kind of connection or bond with these folks and unless I am in personal danger, I hate to cut ties. I do not want to hurt people. Sounds ridiculous if you know us and you know some of the family ties we have had to sever but with all this we pray for the right thing to do. I did finally unfriend three of Brett’s old girlfriends and a couple of people whom I friended to play a game (farmtown) with and a couple who were spreading ugly rumors about me. Facebook is a great thing but with such a new way of connecting people, there will have to come new etiquette to handle the new problems that will arise.

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

Well said...both of you! It gets old quickly when you KNOW that a particular person is going to whine on every post! I mean, geez, if your life is THAT bad, get up & get away from your computer and DO something, ya know?! Now, I'm not talking about the occasional complaint. I'm talking about EVERY SINGLE time! And it's all because this person has made some really bad choices in life. that off my mind now. LOL

Love you!

Bets said...

Agreed. To you Hol, to your commenters, to it all. Don't even want to get into just how much I agree.... just that I really, really do. *sigh* (I tend to 'hide' a lot of those kind of posters, I can't bring myself to 'unfriend' most.)

Holly said...

Bets - that's what I've done. It does seem nicer to hide them! I feel weird de-friending someone. I guess if someone really got on my nerves I would!! But hiding them works!

Dawn - you are not the friend of which I was speaking!! I told you all if you were reading this, it wasn't you!!

Mom - yup! Agree with you! Get off your booty and do something about life!! Isn't it nice I get to say whatever I want on my blog?!?! I bet people feel like that on FB too!?!?! :-)