Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The kids and I

This past weekend I was “home alone” with the kids. David was out of town for work, so it was just the kiddo’s and I! We did get to spend Friday night and Saturday morning with Leslie and her son Clayton! We had a sleepover!! 35 years old and we had a sleep over! It was great!

Dinner was great – Leslie made it! The kids went to bed good, and the old ladies turned in before 10PM, but we had a good time!! Then Saturday morning we had omelets and coffee and hung out for a while! It was nice to have another adult here for some of the time that David was gone! I’m really blessed to have the friends I have!!

Saturday was an interesting day with Avery. That little girl had more energy than I could have if I sleep 12 hours a day!

She decided she wanted to wash her hands after breakfast and proceeded to get water EVERYWHERE in the bathroom. All over her, the sink, the walls, the floor – it was a mess!! It took 2 bath towel size towels to clean it up and a new outfit for Avery!

Then after Leslie and Clayton left, we went up to do some cleaning in Luke’s room and while Luke and I cleaned up, Avery made a mess! So I cleaned that up… THEN she thought it might be neat to stand on top of Luke’s laundry hamper. Which is that woven wood stuff. I’m guessing she stood on it for all of 3 seconds before the top gave way and her right leg feel through!! It was funny – funny to me I guess, she was crying and she did get a scrap on her leg (she was fine, just scared!) – so maybe not so funny to her!

Then AFTER nap time we went outside to play in the sandbox and I spent the next 30 minutes trying to convince her to keep her cloths on! I don’t know what it is, but she gets in the sandbox and thinks she needs to take her clothes off!?!?! No, she's not a tactile child at all!

We then went to run a few errands, and when we got home she started again with taking her clothes off. She just likes to be “free” I guess. Silly girl! Anyway, we made it through dinner and baths and they both went right on to bed!

It was a good weekend with them but I really appreciate David and am thankful for all that he does with the kids when he’s home! I was exhausted by Sunday night!


Leslie Carol said...

We had a blast too girl!!!!! So blessed to have you as family! i love you!

Holly said...

I love you too Girl! It was fun, wasn't it?!?! I couldn't ask for more!!