Friday, March 12, 2010

Status update

Since it’s been a while since I blogged, I’d like to update you without totally boring you and weighing you down with useless details, so this blog will be like a bunch of Facebook status updates… that’s all our society really has time for anyway, isn’t it?!?!

Mid – February: Avery has mild cold.

2 Days later she wakes up with what we discover to be croup (it’s a horrible sound!!!).

4 days later – back to the doctor – now she has an ear infection!

Finally Avery’s antibiotics are working and she’s doing better – AND sleeping through the night again. Thank you Jesus!

One week later:

Holly and Luke: outta the blue start puking and have diarrhea in the middle of the night. Lasts about 5 hours. We both feel like a Mack truck hit us the next day! YUG!!!

Avery spends the day with our good friend Leslie while David cares for Mommy and Luke!

I missed the “opening day” of spring consignment sale shopping. *Sad face*

Praying no one else gets it!!

We miss Reagan’s 2nd birthday party so as not to spread the joy! Sad about that!!!!

Sunday all are well and play outside in the beautiful weather at the park for nearly 2 and ½ hours!

Monday afternoon: OH NO… David’s not feeling well. Yup, he’s got it too! The tummy bug has David and now it’s his turn to feel like a Mack truck ran over him! Poor guy.

We are all praying like crazy that Avery doesn’t get it.

Trying to prepare for the upcoming wedding shower!

Cake and food for above mentioned shower ordered today!

Still praying Avery doesn’t get the tummy yucky!

Trying to do all the laundry that has accumulated from a house full of sick people!

Waiting for my maid to show up and clean my house so I can do the fun part of the shower preparations!

Have all my lists made and lots of things done for shower!

Still waiting for that maid?!?!?!

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