Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Good Book

I love kid’s books! I have for many years. Since I’m not in the classroom anymore, I am a bit behind in the newest releases of excellent kid’s books, but our personal collection is pretty large, and includes such titles as Where the Wild Things Are, The Seven Silly Eaters, Caps For Sale, The Polar Express, Oh The Places You Will Go, The Napping House, A Bad Case of Strips and Stone Soup - just to name a few!

From the time Luke was small he loved to be read to. He’d sit for what seemed like forever just listening to books. Avery on the other hand wanted nothing to do with listening to a book – mostly because it involved sitting still for more than 3 seconds, but here recently she’s really come around and really enjoys being read to.

In true developmental style she likes to read and reread the same books over and over and over again. Great for her, gets kinda old for those of us doing the reading. One of the books she has been enjoying recently is a book by Madonna.

Yup, Madonna – as in the “Material Girl”!

Did you know she had a book out? Several of them actually – 5 altogether (you can find them at

Anyway, our book of choice is called Mr. Peabody’s Apples. The book is a full length story. Not just a board book, or one of those books with just a few words on each page – nope, it’s a full length book – with some great pictures – and it tells a wonderful story about spreading lies and how they hurt others (and you thought it might be about apples, didn’t you?!!?!). I’m not going to tell the whole story – but if you are looking for a good story to add to your child’s collection – I would highly recommend this one.

If Avery can sit through the whole book – it’s sure to be a winner in your house too!

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Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

It was so much fun to read 'Just In Case You Ever Wondered" to her, over and over, at Christmas! I loved it when I showed her how to make fists, which she would then do every time I got to the part about the baby's tiny fists...and then she'd shake her head no and say the words "you're not a baby anymore..." along with me. She'd say "Nooooo, I not a baby any more"! Just so precious!!!!!!

And I remember when Luke would quote the entire book about Tootles, word for word, when he was about 2!!! And how he would sing with me, even on the phone! Does David still have that on his phone...Luke reciting the Tootles book?

Ahhh..the things memories are made of!

Love you all & miss you all!!