Thursday, October 29, 2009

I got the shot

The flu shot that is! Just the regular old flu shot… I did not get the H1N1 – wasn’t sure I wanted it, plus the Minute Clinic isn’t giving them so the decision wasn’t too hard!

The kids also go the regular flu shot, which they’ve been getting since they were born. And each year with Luke it gets a bit harder than the year before. He has to be the worst patient EVER. Poor kid! He doesn’t want to be touched, poked, asked questions or half the time for the doc to even look at him! How are they supposed to help if he’s sick or keep him well if he won’t be still and calm? And in the end, it wasn’t even a matter of just sitting still, it was more a matter of me being half deaf from holding him (sreaming bloody murder) while the PA took 4 seconds to give him his flu shot! Honestly, it was high drama! He screamed like we were hanging him upside down by his toe –nails (not that I’ve ever done that, but I’m sure if he found himself in that position the screaming would be the same)! All over a small little stick – I don’t know where he gets his fear of shots from (see end of post for more insight)?!?!

Avery got her shot last and did much better than Luke, except she moved just a tiny bit, which caused her to bleed a little, which in turn sent Luke into tears all over again! I assured him she was fine – since she wasn’t crying – and finally he calmed down! I took some Dum-Dum lollipops along hoping that would help him be brave but he ended up holding his for about 10 minutes before he was calm enough to eat it!

And if lollipops weren’t enough, I gave in and purchased a toy for each of the kids at the CVS cause I felt bad for the trauma they had been through. Turned out to be good purchases too, the kids have played endlessly with their new toys! What did I buy you ask - - Nerf guns with red laser sights (yes, one for Avery too) - - pretty good buy for $10!

Stay well this winter! We plan to at our house – except for David of course because he won’t get the flu shot mostly because it’s a shot. Enough said about that!

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