Friday, September 4, 2009

School and new babies!

I don’t have too much to say – ok, well I guess that’s not really true. I always have lots to say, so I guess more accurately I don’t have a whole lot of time for a big long post. I know some of you are glad! I did just want to give a quick update.

We’ve had a good week at school! Both kids are adjusting well. Luke of course loves school because it offers more social interaction as well as something “fun to do today!” I hope he keeps up his love of school! Today will be his last day this week and of course we’re all off on Monday! Avery only goes Monday and Wednesday so this morning is Mommy-Daughter time (I think we might go shopping!), so I’m looking forward to that as well! Avery seems to enjoy her time in the classroom with other children as well!

This week brought a really fun new experience for me. I got to be up at the hospital a good bit of the day on Tuesday while my lovely and wonderful friend delivered her second baby! As with most deliveries things moved kinda slow (she was induced) the early part of the day, and thanks to my mother in law I got to be at the hospital for a few hours during the day! Then I came home had dinner with the fam and went back to the hospital to wait for Baby Caden to arrive! Although I was not in the delivery room for the actual delivery – I was there for a few pushes (which is totally amazing to someone who had 2 c-sections!!!!) and in the waiting room for the rest of the 30 minutes it took for Caden to arrive – it was still a really great experience for me! I’ve never been to the hospital for a delivery other than the birth of my own two children! It was awesome!

God is so good, and the birth of a child is just another reminder of just how amazing our God is! A big thanks to Glen and Crystal for letting me join in – in small part - in the birth of the newest addition to your family! I pray many blessings, rest and strength on you all as you adjust to another sweet baby boy in your family!

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