Monday, July 13, 2009


I am so enjoying our sermon series at church from Proverbs. I have learned so much from just reading through the book itself and learning so much more from the sermons. To hear yesterday’s sermon click here. It’s about friendship and it’s awesome!

I realized a good many things during this sermon. First – I have really amazing friends! Really amazing! I’m so blessed. Second – it’s easy to want, see and need all the right things in a friend, and sometimes really hard to BE that kind of friend! Third – Jesus is the best friend I could ever have! Sometimes I forget that. Sometimes I get down, think no one loves me the best, no one thinks I’m funny, or fun to be with or whatever ridiculous thing I’m thinking at the time (I’m gonna blame it mostly on PMS!) but those things aren’t true (not for my earthly friends either) because I know that Jesus loves me so much – He gave his life on the cross FOR ME. Now that’s true friendship.

So I always have a friend, and I always have an example of what a friend should be in Jesus Christ.

Take some time to listen to the message. Chris Lewis the discipleship pastor spoke yesterday! Enjoy and be blessed!

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