Friday, June 19, 2009

The Many sides of Avery

Avery has this uncanny ability to come down with some sort of sickness before we go somewhere on vacation. It happens all the time! I mean really, how one small child can know that it’s time to go on vacation and get sick. Last October it was a really bad cold, before we went to GA for Easter, it was another cold and now according to the doc – she’s got a “virus”. I really hate that as a diagnosis! It seems like a cop-out. A virus is the best you can do when I bring my baby in with a fever of 101.8 and she’s miserable?!?! But I guess so, I still don’t like it. And what I like even less is that there isn’t a thing you can do to make it go away. That’s hard.

The good news is – well there are several good things… one, if we have to we’ll just wait a few days to go down to the lake. Since it’s not that far away we can really just go whenever. Also, she is doing some better this morning! After being up every 45 minutes to an hour from 6:45 PM til 1:30 AM (after that she sleep the rest of the night through!!), her fever is way down - 99.2 for that I’m grateful! I’ll keep dosing her with fever reducer, and hopefully she’ll be back to 100% soon!

I did get to take a few pictures of her unusual behavior yesterday. She never – and I do mean never sits still for more than about 30 seconds! Yesterday was different… her she is sitting still! I’ve also taken a few the other day – I’m calling this the many sides of Avery so I’ll show you a few pictures of “her”!


Avery hangin' out in Daddy's chair

poor thing...

Party girl

Pretty girl

So big

Silly girl

That would be ranch dressing in her hair - it makes great "product"


Meme said...

Give my sweet girl a big hug and kiss from Meme! (luke too!) I'm so sorry. I hope it goes away FAST!!!!
Love, Carolyn

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

Poor litte girl! You can tell, especially in the 2nd picture from the top, that she feels miserable. Both kids are so photogenic!! Can't wait for the picture of them with their feet in the Crocs. LOL Hope she feels better soon & that you can be off to your vacation.

Love y'all!

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

It looks like she's got a back molar tooth on the right side.LOL That's one way of showing Nanny her pretty teeth! LOL