Thursday, May 14, 2009

Me and the Kiddos

In one of the new blogs I've found, they've been talking about taking pictures. Now, most of us who are moms take lots of pictures - of our kids! We as moms aren't hardly ever in the pictures, cause we're the ones taking the pictures. So the challenge is to be in more pictures with the kids. I'm just like every other mother out there - I don't like to be in the picture. I'm more comfortable behind the camera - but the point is that one day it'll be more important to be in the pictures with the kids than to not be in them at all.

So the other day while waiting for David to get home from work so we could go out for pizza - I got out the camera to see what I could come up with! Basically it boiled down to Luke and me laughing a lot and a lot of pictures with only body parts of Avery in them. Even our camera's not fast enough to catch her! She's fast alright! We did get a few good ones, and I had a blast doing it! I've also decided that lying down isn't a bad way to have my picture taken!

Hope this inspires you to take some pictures with your kids. Ask your hubby, friend, mom, mom in law, or a complete stranger to help you out! It’ll mean a lot to your kids in the years to come!

Our first try - you notice Avery rolled away before the picture took!

This is the only one with all three of us in it - while lying on the floor - and I look a bit bug-eyed... but oh well... I'm in the picture, that's the point!

A rare moment, Avery was still long enough to be in the picture! And it's so cute!

Luke and Mommy laughing!


Jessi said...


Nan said...

They look great! So gald you found Emily's blog...went to college with her. Trying out new churches?

Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

LOVE the pics!!!! Of course, Miss Avery is much too busy to participate in group photos!! LOL

Shannon said...

So that's why you were late to Bill's...hee hee! Very cute pictures!

Holly said...

Shannon, nope - not why we were late, I would have waited to take them if it would have made us late! But it was fun taking them!