Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer Fun

NOTE: there will be lots of pictures in this post... if that doesn't interest you, don't read any futher!

Yesterday was the grand opening celebration of a new park in the little town next to us. For a small town thing, they threw a great little shin-dig! It was a blast!

We had a bit of lunch, then on to the games... we got tickets so Luke could jump on the inflatable bouncy things... but since I didn't take any socks and it was about 100 degrees out, he didn't want to jump on any of them, but they did have this baseball one that had a place where the air was blowing out and the ball hovered over it, and the kids hit it with the bat. So cute. David took some great pictures.

Waiting in line

Avery waiting for her brother

A swing...

and a hit...(notice the tounge)

My favorite picture

Then it was off to the playground, here Avery got to have some fun too!

And then there was the dog race. Boy was this fun to watch! It's the simple things that are the most fun! After watching how these folks had their dogs trained, I asked David if he thought they could work some of their magic on Jane?!?! Luke sure had a good time trying to beat the dog when it was his turn!

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Lukw & Avery's Nanny said...

These are some great pics!!! Thank you for posting them & sharing your day with everyone!

Love you all!