Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Easter In Georgia

This year for Easter we went to GA to celebrate with my parents, sister and her boyfriend, and my Aunt Kay and Uncle Dave. Honestly David and I were worried about the drive down there. The drive is about 6 hours and when we went down for Thanksgiving poor Avery didn’t do so well. She cried most of the way (and at Thanksgiving it took much longer due to traffic), so needless to say I did a lot of praying she would do better this time around! And SHE DID!!

The whole weekend was really, really fun, and other than Avery having a cold – both kids did so well!! We had some wonderful food, fun, and family time just hangin’ out and laughing. We also took lots of pictures of the kids, the egg hunts and ourselves! So here are some pictures of those things!

We did the colored egg thing, but for some reason we never got it worked out to do with the kids, so the adults did them - boy was that a good time!!!

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