Monday, March 30, 2009


We have had our fair share of rain the last several days and for that I am thankful! But yesterday and today we had sunshine and for that I’m even MORE thankful! I was starting to think we might need to build an ark! I honestly don’t know how some people live in places like Seattle where it rains a lot! It’s depressing!

So between all the rain and the fact that both of my kids are “in a funk” (Luke’s got the sniffles and I’m not sure what Avery has except multiple, different, seemingly unrelated symptoms!) and I am getting over a UTI and some sort of stomach bug myself – the sun was nice to see the last 2 days – it gave a ray of hope for better days to come.

On the “lighter side” last week before all the rain began – we had our grass mowed for the first time this year! I love the smell of fresh cut grass! I was so happy to hear the lawn mower running!! “Spring has sprung” I thought! I’m really looking forward to many more spring like days (hopefully not so many rainy ones), but ones where we can go outside and run and play and see the sunshine and feel the warmth on our faces!! Oh, I cannot wait! Thank you Lord for spring time and the feeling of new and fresh and a new beginning!

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