Thursday, January 15, 2009

Second Session Tonight

I'm really excited because tonight is week 2 of my Esther Bible study! I've really enjoyed the homework from week one and am so excited to see what wonderful things God will show me through Beth Moore tonight during the video session!! YIPPIE!

Also, I would like to ask for you're prayers for Avery. She's sick - again - and when I took her to the doctors on Tuesday they said everything looked fine and it was just a cold. Today she is no better - and she's still running a low grade fever. I could be here teeth, but I'm just not sure and I'm thinking that if by tomorrow she's not fever free - I'll be calling again. Poor little thing, she's been sick pretty much since Thanksgiving. Except for the 10 days she was on antibiotics! I know it's that time of year, but it's still hard and she's not sleeping well at night, which makes for cranky baby during the day! Poor thing! Thanks for your prayers!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Sad Avery is not feeling well. Give her a squeeze from me!
I am also LOVING reading about the Bible study and the cool things God is doing! It is moving me to move! IU!