Monday, October 27, 2008

Beach Update

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and when I did there wasn’t too much information shared… so hopefully this will be a bit more entertaining. I’ll try not to overload any one post with too much stuff!

Besides the beach trips - (Holly and kids were in Myrtle Beach from October 5 – 19 and then again this past weekend! David was down and home some off and on!) - we’ve had some other exciting things happen! Look for those updates in a separate post!

While at the beach I got to go cloths shopping (which I LOVE to do!) with David! As I’m sure you can guess he LOVES it too! It was fun to get to spend the day together and I was so excited about the new cloths David got – maybe I’ll be able to keep up with the laundry a bit better now that he has more cloths to wear!  Then this past Saturday when we were there, David and I got to go Christmas shopping for the kids! WHAT FUN! We had a blast getting toys for the kids! Luke is really growing up, so we had fun getting some “big boy toys” for him! I really think David picked the things he likes to play with and just used Luke as a good excuse to get them!

We also got to spend some really great time with family! My parents were there the whole first week, and then my sister and her boyfriend spent a few days with us. I also got to spend the week with one of my cousins whom I NEVER get to see! She and her family live in NJ! It was a good time for sure – except Steve her husband and Mandy her daughter was sick most of the week they were there! It was still fun to see them! The second week we spent with my in-laws! This was really great too – as my bother and sister in law were nice enough to bring along their baby girl – Reagan! I got to spend some time getting to know this miracle of a baby! It was an awesome 2 weeks!

Luke said about a million funny things, and since I didn’t write them down, I cannot remember them all – really I cannot remember most of them, but I do remember one funny conversation, so I’ll post that later!

Here are a few pictures of us playing on the beach and in the pools! Avery didn’t have any fear of the sand or water! She also didn’t seem to mind one bit being covered in sand or having her mouth full of it! Luke was also very unafraid this year and we had a blast playing in the waves!

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Amy said...

Great photos! We sure had fun spending the week with the family. God has blessed us with a loving family where everyone gets along and we can go on vacation together. It is only going to become more fun as the kids get older! I love Avery's sandy butt photo!!