Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Busy lives

The last couple of days I have discovered that things are getting very busy around here! With the approach of school - I know preschool isn't as big a deal as regular school - but still we changed schools this year and Luke will be going 3 days instead of 2 - and different schedules with our "regular buddies" things might be getting ready to change a bit!

Keeping up with our friends and family seems to get harder and harder. Time goes on and on and before you know it it's been 2 months or so since we've seen some of our friends - and family for that matter! I don't know when the last time we had Rob and Amy over was?!!? Or Chanda and Tony!! I've tried to make it a point to have people to our house, cause it's easier for the kids (and really for me too!) that way, so when it's time for bed I can excuse myself and give baths and put them to bed. But still - day after day - life seems to be zooming on and it gets harder to keep up with others.

I guess some of it is just to be expected with growing children (and in some of our friends cases - growing families) that schedules will change and things won't be the same as they've always been. Sometimes I think that's sad, other times I'm excited about the new and exciting things the future holds!

Along with the other changes we've been making, we've added eating at home more often to the list! I know that sounds ridiculous since I'm a stay at home mom - there should be no reason that I don't have dinner ready every night - but truthfully sometimes I just don't feel like it. Other times the day seems to get away from me and I cannot get anything "thrown together". Then there are the times I need a few minutes out of the house! Whatever the reasons, we're working to change that! First it'll save us money, which right now seems really important since everything is going up in price! And secondly, it's a lot healthier to eat at home!

So I've started working toward a new goal - monthly meal planning! I've been doing weekly meal plans for several years now (sometimes they weren't followed very closely!). But starting this week I did a plan for 2 weeks (I’m working into it slowly) and we'll see how that goes before I up it to a 3 week plan and then add the 4th week!

I know some of you out there are wonderful cooks and have great recipes – so if you have a favorite please send it on! I’d love to have some good for you, easy to make things to rotate into my families favorites!


Mike and Dawn Riffell said...

Here is a helpful site, you put in the ingredients you have an d it gives you recipe ideas. For those nights when you are at a loss for ideas. I also find rachel Ray's website to be a great source for new ideas. My biggest prob is getting bored with the same old dinners. I hope this helps.

Jessi said...

You're right about all the starts with preschool and never stops! I feel like my life keeps changing so fast, and I guess for so many years it really hadn't changed all that much, and I have a little bit of a hard time with it. It makes me melancholy if I dwell on it; so when I start feeling all nostalgic about how things 'used' to be (friends we used to see, the general slower pace of life) I try to just enjoy the memories but then start thinking about the good parts of the 'now'.

And I'm TOTALLY with you on the dinner thing...I dread making dinners, honestly. It does help me too to have them planned I'm trying to do a couple weeks at a time as well. Plus this year Kate is in Jr. High, so I figure part of "home ec" can be that she has to make dinner once a week!! :) LIke I said, there are some perks to all lifes changes!