Saturday, July 12, 2008

Up AFTER the sun was up

Last night was the first night that both of the kids spent the night at Meme and Papa’s! So that meant it was the first night David and I were alone in our house in almost 8 months. It was a weird feeling for sure. Luke was so excited to be going to Meme and Papa’s and this time “Avery got to come and stay with him too!” He thought that was great that his baby sister was getting to come along with him this time!

We dropped the kids off at my in laws in Thomasville last evening and then went to Longhorn for a wonderful steak dinner! After practically stuffing ourselves full we went to Starbucks for some over priced, but very yummy coffee! Upon returning to a very quiet house we watched one of our Netflix movies! “The Good Shepard” was the title, it was a CIA move – and if you haven’t seen it – don’t bother, it wasn’t all that great!

I actually slept until about 8:15 this morning! I had almost forgotten what it was like to get up after the sun is up! It was pretty cool! No one woke me up telling me they had a stinky pull up or crying because she was hungry… it was really very nice! I took Jane out, and made some coffee and now I’m leisurely doing all things blog related. Posting a new one on my blog and checking all the others I keep up with. I do usually try to do this in the morning, but usually there are 2 kids playing and yelling on the floor next to me, not this morning. Just Jane in the office with me and she’s not making a peep!

We are meeting Meme and Papa for breakfast here in about 30 minutes or so and we’ll bring the kids back with us then! I’ll be glad to see them for sure – but it was nice to have the house all to ourselves for a few hours!

Thank you so very much Meme and Papa – other than the trouble Avery gave you going to sleep – I hope you all had a good time with the loves of my life! I’m sure you’ll be worn out as the two of them will do that to you, but we sure appreciate you keeping them for us!

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Shannon and the Kids said...

What a nice treat! To be able to just relax at home and not have to worry about being home at a certain time and to sleep in in your own bed is wonderful! Yeah Meme and Papa!
I know I am so thankful when Wendy and Tim take both the kids for a night or even a day.
Dont worry about Avery crying for Meme. She did have 2 children of her own 18 months apart. I am sure one sweet little girl crying is nothing like what she dealt with. And I am certain that it wont scare them away from keeping them again.
After all who could stay away from your adorable and precious kiddos?!