Thursday, July 24, 2008


It’s amazing how fast little people recover from something as traumatic as having an I-V line in, a tube pushed down you’re nose and into your tummy – and then 5 hours later throwing that tube up again, having the worst case of the runs in his little life, spending the majority of 2 days in the hospital with very little sleep, and all different people poking at him and a day later be perfectly “normal”! Luke sure is a tough little guy!

Yesterday we just hung out and did the movies/play trains thing. He napped like normal, ate pretty good, and went to be at his regular bed time! Even slept all night – which he doesn’t always do anyway! This morning he’s up and playing and acting most like himself, he even had to sit in time out already today! It’s so nice to have my boy back!!

So far he hasn’t mentioned – not once – being in the hospital or anything about being sick or anything from the whole experience. It’ll be interesting to see if he does and what he remembers of it when he gets older.

I’ve been remind over the last several days just how special it is that we have family and friends who are believers! I cannot imagine what non-believers do when faced with something scary like a sick child! It wasn’t fun, and it was sometimes horrible, but I knew the whole time that the Lord had my “little bitty baby in His hand!” and I couldn’t have been more thankful! The Lord is so faithful in His promises. The worst time for anyone who doesn’t feel well, or is lonely or depressed or whatever, always seems to be in the dark hours of the night! The other night – in the dark hours – I tried to remember that God was in control and just remember who He was and that He would do what He said he would do! Last night when I was reading Luke his devotions before bed it reminded us to think about Jesus day and night and this verse was printed “Lord, during the night I remember who you are.” Psalm 119:55, NIrV I love it when the Lord speaks to me through my sons preschool devotions!

Thank you God for being faithful and taking care of Luke! Thank you for loving him and for trusting him to David and me!

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Bets said...

I understand those feelings - truly I do! I'm so glad all is well and all are home and healthy. Praising the Lord with you.