Thursday, June 19, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

Overall David and I are not terribly spontaneous people. Oh, we were much more so before children! But with a 3 year old and a 7 month old being spontaneous is usually limited to “hey, let’s forget about what I put on the menu for dinner tonight and let’s grill something instead!” And “We’ve got enough hamburgers let’s call some friends to join us!” That’s been about the extent of the spontaneity these days.

Well all that flew out the window on Sunday afternoon! Both kids were in bed and we were sitting around chatting and we got to talking about our upcoming trip/vacation to Pigeon Forge. I was saying how I have mixed feelings about leaving the kids… I mean how often do you get all that time alone without children without having to ASK someone to keep them – Nanny and Grandpoppy offered us that time! But still I miss them when I’m not with them, so anyway…

Out of the blue David says “I wanna go to Vegas!” Now we’ve been to Vegas many times. We really enjoy vacationing there – there’s so much to see and do and the food is great! We haven’t been in a while mostly because we usually go for our anniversary – which is in September – and last September I was 7 months pregnant. Not the best state to be in for walking around Vegas. So we chatted about the possibility of going, guessing that we wouldn’t be able to get airline tickets – let alone a place to stay – for any decent money. As it turns out – the week of July 4th must be unbearably hot in Las Vegas, because we got low, low rates on a GREAT hotel – we’ll be staying that the MGM Mirage! And there were tickets available to buy with miles – but not economy class tickets – FIRST CLASS tickets!!! So we get to go to Vegas – flying in style – and stay for cheaper than it would have cost us to stay in Pigeon Forge for a whole week!

I’m excited! My favorite part of a trip to Vegas is of course – the Spa (and you thought I was gonna say the craps tables!!!)! I’m looking forward to some good pampering with a massage and pedicure – who knows maybe I’ll even do one of those body wrap things they offer now!

It'll be a good time for sure!


Jessi said...

NICE!! Now THAT's what I call sponteneity!! You can feel free to send a little bit of that my way!!

Amy said...

How exciting! I know you all will have a great time. I am sure it helps to know your kids will be in great hands, getting lots of pampering, while you are away. Thanks for letting us spend time at the lake with the family. It was great to see the kids, you and david too, and relax for awhile. I feel like Luke and Avery are growing so fast and I'm missing it all but I know life will change soon and we can get the cousins together. It's about time for the Winslow beach trip!!!
Lots of Love!
Aunt Amy

Bets said...

Could I be any more jealous????? Good for you!

Holly said...

Amy, I cannot wait too for my kids to meet youre beautiful baby girl! We sure are looking forward to that! And I'm ALWAYS ready for a trip to the beach! Say when and where and we are there!!

Luke & Avery's Nanny said...

Would you bring me back a body wrap that will make me...ummm, say....a size 2??? LOL