Monday, June 9, 2008


There is nothing better than a few days away with nothing to do and limited phone access. Of course you get used to things like computer and high speed internet, luckily for me David got all that worked out before we left to come to Badin Lake, so I still get to check my email and post on the blog! Of course David set it all us so he could work while he's here, but whatever the reason, I'm glad for it!

We've had a great time here the last couple of days! The weather has been unseasonably warm - and the lake water is PERFECT for swimming in! The kids both really love the boat - Avery falls asleep as soon as the boat starts moving every time we get in it! She sleeps like a log while we're on it! Luke loves it too! He won't get on the jet ski but really loves the boat! Avery also loves to float in the lake! We put her in here little baby float and she'll happily be in the lake for about an hour at a time! That's my girl - I love the water for sure and could spend all day just hangin out by the dock floating around and such!

We had the pleasure of having our good friends the Bartlett's down yesterday afternoon and evening for some fun! It was great to have them here and we all really enjoyed playing in the water and sharing a good meal! Thanks for coming for the evening guys - it was tons of fun!

We've had a really relaxing time so far and I'm looking forward to more of the same! Thanks so much Willard and Renee for letting us come!! We've taken some great pictures so I'll get those posted when we get home!

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